About Us

Colorado Local Business

Wok & Roll Teriyaki is a corporate catering service with a unique and innovative food concept founded in Colorado by Steven King in 1994.

Steve"s entrepreneurial vision was to provide healthy and delicious food to offices and organizations, meeting the highest standards from meticulous preparation to timely delivery and food set up.

For more than 25 years, Wok & Roll Teriyaki and its professional team have delivered world-class catering service.  Our corporate menu is a fantastic alternative for delicious food with outstanding nutritional value.

Unique Catering Concept

Wok & Roll Teriyaki is a world-class catering service. 

Our Teriyaki meats are flamed-grilled and marinated for three days creating that mouthwatering explosive flavor that has made us famous for so many years.

Teriyaki and Yakitori meats come with steamed white rice, yakisoba wheat noodles, and our famous and exclusive Turbo F3 brown rice (triple the fiber and rich in proteins and nutrients), and fresh steamed veggies. The creative addition of seasonal natural ingredients and toppings is part of our menu full of flavors and new sensations.

Freshly rolled sushi trays are a fantastic choice to impress your guests in meetings and parties. Classic, vegetarian, and the special rolls of the house are available to create your custom-made tray. 

Wok & Roll Teriyaki offers options of Gluten-free and vegetarian meals, appetizers like Gyoza dumplings and Edamame, and freshly baked cookies as well.

* (Sushi trays are not available now due to the pandemic)

Healthy and Delicious

The preparation method in our kitchen uses virtually no grease or oil, without preservatives or MSG. Over 90% of our menu options have less than 10% of their calories from fat. Along with a stellar working team, Wok & Roll Teriyaki brings over 75 years of operational experience combined.

Norma King (Steve"s wife) joined the company in 2006 to lead Wok & Roll Teriyaki"s marketing strategies and support the operations.

A professional team meticulously prepares and delivers your order meeting the highest standards and all the safety procedures.

We take pride in our work and service.

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